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Bonus program allowing our customers, who registered on the site, accumulate pennies Bonuses for a replacement and pay them for a given replacement.

Perevaga bonus programs in that you accumulate bonuses for a virtual rakhunka and you can pay them, like real pennies, for the replacement in the company Pizza.Od.Ua ™.

How can you become a participant with bonus programs?

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Register on the site and date to participate in the bonus program. Реєстрація
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By the date of the ear of participation in the bonus program, get involved in the restoration on the site and the first substitution, or save the questionnaire in one of our pictorials and revise the plastic card, if possible accumulate bonuses in the stationary pictorial.
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The price of virtual pennies, as fuck on the client's rakhunok with a thorough replacement.

Streaming course: 1 bonus = 1 hryvnia.

How many bonuses can you get for a special rakhunok?

5% - if the sum of your money is deposited - 500 UAH
7% - if the sum of your money is in stock - 3 000 UAH
8% - if the sum of your money is in stock - 7 000 UAH
10% - if the sum of your money is in stock - 10 000 UAH

All bonuses for the flow of replacement will be matched to your special rakhunok, so that the replacement will go into the status of "Viconies" (payments).

Uwaga! Terms of bonus points: 6 months from the date of the remaining replacement. Accumulated bonuses and can not be translated into a new one!

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How are bonuses accrued?
Bonuses are accrued when paying for orders in cash or by credit card Visa, Master Card or WebMoney in the company "Pizza.Od.Ua".
How to find out about the number of accumulated bonuses?
Information about the accumulated bonuses can be seen on the website in the Personal Account or on the check, which must be provided by the courier.
What to do with accrued bonuses?
You can use the accumulated bonuses to pay for your order online. It is not possible to pay bonuses for orders in the network of stationary pizzerias Pizza.Od.Ua ™!

Options for order payment with bonuses

100% payment of the order with bonuses.
You can use bonuses to pay for part of the order.
For example: You have accumulated 90 bonuses (90 β bonuses equate to 90 hryvnias). You have decided make an order for 130 hryvnias. The cost of the order with the use of bonuses will be 40 hryvnias (90 β bonuses + 40 hryvnias = 130 hryvnias).
You can use part of the bonuses you have accumulated to pay for the order.
You can save bonuses for future purchases (in this case, your bonuses will increase).

These rules can be changed, the relevant information will be in advance published on our website or sent to you by e-mail. All questions and wishes on the bonus program You can send to mail:

(048) 700-51-51
(063) 700-51-51
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